IKS Innovative Kabelsysteme GmbH, Lohr am Main

Our service

  • On-site service
    We come to your premises to check the individual cable/ module specifications of your machine e.g. in case of defective cables, whether they have to be removed or replaced

  • Engineering
    • Consulting, design and construction of power drag chain systems for machines, plants and cranes, including the complete set-up
    • Project management and implementation of modules into customer's systems
    • Optimization of modules or components
    • From start to finish: we plan and develop your project and ensure the appropriate documentation by our state-of-the-art CAD systems in 2D and 3D

  • Construction
    • Dimensioning power drag chains 
      (Inclusion into existing customer's 3D drawings, selection of suitable cables and plugs)
    • Configuration proposals for power drag chains

  • Assembly
    • Assembly and disassembly of power drag chains for machines, plants and cranes
    • Installation and activation embedded modules on site
    • Complete machine cabling on site

  • 24h delivery